We are an ADULTS ONLY RP site offering Supernatural, Shadowhunters, Twilight, and OC fandoms for people who want to tell a story. This is "home base" where Twitter is where we tell our story.

Please look through the available roles tabs to see if we have a role available that appeals to you.

OC’s are also welcome but need to be well thought out. Once you have an idea of whom you would like to play, join the site and message an admin to talk about them!

There is no audition for your role but we do require an active RP account to review prior to approval. Just something to let us see your style and creativity.

Additionally, please read the rules to assure that they fit in with what you’re looking for in a site. After approval, everyone is on a one month trial period to be sure your style and vision meshes with our own.

Feel free to look around and hope to see you on our timelines.

- CS Staff


Admin Team

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New and Departed

[Newly Chaotic]

Alec Lightwood - Reserved (SHW)

Jacob Black - @AbrasiveAlpha (TWI)

Angela Weber - @TemptingLure (TWI)

Jessica Stanley - @NiftyRebel (TWI)

Carlisle - @CCullenMD (TWI)

Athenodora - @HeartlessAthen (TWI)

Jace - @ThoseDamnDucks (SHW)

Renata - @SvelteSuccubus  (TWI)

Castiel -  (SPN)

Heidi -  (TWI)

Chelsea - @EloquentEntice (TWI)

Ness Cullen - @TactileHybrid (TWI)

Caius - @ObstinateCaliph (TWI)

[Dearly Departed]

Rosalie - @SvelteMajesty (TWI)


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